Frequently Asked Questions

In-Home Health Assessments

The more you and your doctor know about your health, the more effective your care can be. That’s why this personalized in-home visit leads to a treatment plan just for you.

What is a health assessment?

The purpose of a health assessment is so your health plan can have a better understanding of your current health status. This is a wellness visit that is meant to help reduce future healthcare costs for you by identifying additional programs and benefits that you may be eligible for as a health plan member. In addition, the assessment is supplied to your doctor and is designed to improve communication and coordination of care.

Who conducts the Health Assessment?

Licensed Nurse Practitioners. Advance Health only hires the most qualified Nurse Practitioners and our staff averages over nine years’ experience. Advance Health carefully recruits those with the talent, experience, and training necessary to work with a senior population. Our Nurse Practitioners are community-based and we do not outsource, delegate, or engage traveling providers.

In addition to being fully accredited, Advance Health Nurse Practitioners have passed our full background check and they will also have a photo ID available at the time of the visit. We encourage you to have a family member or caregiver present with you at the time of the visit if you wish and the Nurse Practitioner may speak to them as part of the visit as well.

What can I expect during the visit?

A licensed Nurse Practitioner will come to your home to review your medical history including medications, and family history. Then the Nurse Practitioner will conduct a brief non-invasive physical exam. They will also be able to answer any health related questions you may have and make suggestions for topics you may want to cover with your doctor.

What do you mean by non-invasive?

The brief non-invasive exam includes pulse, blood pressure and an eye exam. This will help provide a complete overview to your health plan’s care management staff who will be able to assist you with a range of support including nutritional, emotional and disease management services.

Is there a co-pay or a cost for the assessment?

There is no cost to you to have an assessment.

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Why do I need a Health Assessment?

A health assessment is the best way to gather a complete and accurate picture of your current health. It is a proactive approach on behalf of your health plan, which ultimately helps reduce future healthcare costs. This evaluation is meant to help identify additional programs, resources and benefits that you may be entitled to as a member of your health plan.

Why do I need this if I already have a doctor?

This assessment is not meant to replace any of your existing doctors or the care you receive from them. This visit is simply meant to help support the care you currently receive from your existing doctors, while promoting better communication between you, your physician and the health plan.

What if I had an evaluation last year?

We are glad you took the opportunity to have an evaluation last year. Your health status can change from year to year and your health plan wants you to maintain good health. They want to ensure their records are up to date and that you are aware of any services or benefits available to you.

Why can’t you get this from my doctor?

While we can get some of this information from your doctor, your health plan wants to have the most accurate and up to date view of your health status. Your health plan wants to make sure you are taking full advantage of all the benefits available to you and provide your doctors a copy of the evaluation so they may update their records. By sharing the most up to date information about your health, we are able to improve care between you, your physician and your health plan.

Will the Nurse Practitioner be able to write prescriptions?

No. Since Nurse Practitioners do not have access to your complete medical history, they will not be able to write prescriptions. However, Nurse Practitioners will review your medications with you and provide a list of questions for you to discuss with your doctor if there are any issues.

What do I need to prepare for the visit?

We ask that you have your medications available as well as a list of your doctors with their contact information at the time of the visit. This will help the provider complete his/her evaluation.

Will I get a copy of my Health Assessment?

Yes, you may receive a copy along with your doctor.

Can the assessment be performed anywhere else?

Advance Health provides health assessments in-home as well as at alternative sites of service, such as Primary Care Physician offices, clinics, or through mobile health efforts. However, each of these options might not be available to everyone. When you are contacted to schedule an assessment, the agent will let you know which options are available.

How long is an assessment?

You can expect the assessment to last roughly one hour. On average, primary care physician visits only last 15 minutes so this is a wonderful opportunity to spend valuable time with a licensed medical professional.

Can a family member be present during the assessment?

Yes. We absolutely encourage you to have a family member or caregiver present with you at the time of the visit if you wish and the Nurse Practitioner may speak to them as part of the visit as well.

Can results affect my coverage or lead to higher costs?

No. Health assessments are not used by your plan to adjust or recalculate coverage, cost, or charge additional fees.